Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage?

Have you experienced Storm Damage?

If you ever do experience any kind of storm damage, once making sure everyone is safe. It's important to start the claim process as soon as possible and the damage can be taken care of immediately. 

When Disaster Strikes

When A Disaster Strikes...

We may not experience many storms in Southern California, however that doesn't mean SERVPRO of San Jacinto/ Idyllwild/ Lakeview isn't ready for one. No matter the size or the cause of the disaster, we will be ready to help you in anyway we can! 

Storm strikes

At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut the costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. Get the professionals, call SERVPRO of San Jacinto/Idyllwild/Lakeview. 

Should a major event strike, call (951) 344-6114

We are on the way!

Just received your call. Local communities or even distant communities natural disasters happen. You can rely upon SERVPRO of San Jacinto/Idyllwild/Lakeview and our trusty storm disaster vehicle is ready to rock and roll. So just give us a call at (951)344-6114.

Emergency Response Team

Emergency response team was sent to assist with the terrible aftermath of a Hurricane in the North Carolina area. Whenever disaster strikes you can count on SERVPRO to be there. Unfortunately many home were affected but the community came together to overcome this tragedy. We proudly serve local or distant communities in times of natural disasters.

Our team was honored to come together with the community of North Carolina.


Home was affected do to the Hurricane that struck in North Carolina in 2018, this major hurricane was a category 4. The ceiling collapsed due to the amount of moisture from rain.